About Ed West

Ed West is an author and journalist. He has written for the Daily Telegraph, Catholic Herald, Evening Standard, The Times, Irish Independent, Daily Express, Standpoint, the Spectator and UnHerd. His most recent book, Small Men on the Wrong Side of History, was published in March 2020.

His short history of England series – Saxon vs Vikings, 1066 and Before All That, 1215 and All That, England in the Age of Chivalry (and Awful Diseases), and My Kingdom for A Horse is available in the US from Amazon.com.

He is also author of The Diversity Illusion and the Amazon Kindle Singles The Silence of Our Friends and Asabiyyah both of which are also available on Audible. Two other Singles, The Realm and 1215 and All That, have been bought by publishers and are no longer available on ebook.

He lives in north London with his wife and three children. He can be contacted here.

The Diversity Illusion (2013)
The Silence of Our Friends (2014) ebook
1215 and All That (2015)
Asabiyyah (2015) ebook
Saxons vs Vikings (2017)
1066 and Before All That (2017)
England in the Age of Chivalry (and Awful Diseases) 2018
My Kingdom for a Horse (2018)
The Path of the Martyrs (2019)
Iron, Fire and Ice (2019)