The ‘new’ anti-Semitism is caused by old economic fallacies

At the Acton Institute

The conflict on the Left stems partly from how racism is defined and whether anti-Semitism is “genuine racism,” as one Corbynite MP tellingly called it. In a sense it is not. The theory of race and racism, as taught in academia for close to 50 years, is a heavily Marxist-influenced notion: The doctrine of the bourgeoise oppressing the proletariat in the exploitative system of capitalism is transposed with whites oppressing people of colour in the exploitative system of white supremacy.

By that logic hostility to Jews isn’t racism in the classical sense – it’s not “prejudice plus power” – though that is hardly comforting to victims of racially charged violence, of which Jews are disproportionately overrepresented in Europe. Indeed, this sort of hostility against more economically prosperous groups, spurred by left-wing nationalism and economic illiteracy, has historically been even more toxic and hateful than traditional racism.

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