Is beauty the answer to the housing crisis?

At CapX, some suggestions for the next Tory mayoral candidate:

Policy Exchange’s own polling showed people in Outer London are open to more housing, and since some 22 per cent of Greater London is Green Belt, that means a lot of homes. The next Tory mayoral candidate is under no pressure or expectation to win, so the party may as well go all-out for bold ideas, proposing a number of different housing developments on the outskirts of London, based on various traditional styles.

Why not build a Scandi-style Jakriborg in Hillingdon, or a Byzantine Revival village in Barnet, a miniature neo-Gothic town in Havering, along with a couple of Poundburys.

Sure it would be pastiche, but then there’s nothing wrong with a bit of fake, a term that could equally apply to St Pancras, Tower Bridge and the Houses of Parliament.

It’s not enough to build homes people want to live in, we need to build homes they’re going to want to have next door – if the Conservatives don’t, then a Corbyn government will. And we can only imagine how they’ll look.

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