Richard III’s crimes against God, nature and Darwin

At the Catholic Herald Richard III, again – last time I promise

Of England’s monarchs, only King John did something as monstrous, and his nephew Arthur was old enough to be a combatant and by the sounds of things probably deserved it (before being captured by John, Arthur had just besieged his own grandmother Eleanor of Aquitaine).

Yet it all makes sense in some gruesome way; Richard’s coup was in order to pre-empt a takeover by the queen’s family, the Woodvilles; when Elizabeth Woodville married Edward IV she ensured that he found suitable matches for her siblings, of which there were 12 living at the time, and by Edward’s death in 1483 they had risen from being an obscure clan to the most powerful family in the realm – and so widely hated. By killing his nephews, therefore, Richard would be curtailing their power, and so such behaviour would have made sense in the context of the time.


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