Is James Brokenshire the man to fix the housing crisis?

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“Housing” was only added to the department title in January this year, reflecting how acute the problem has got. In March the Prime Minister described the housing system as “broken”, a belated recognition by the Tories that spiralling costs are not only causing homelessness, stifling economic growth, and even preventing people from having families, but also destroying the party’s support among the under-40s.

Since 1997 house prices have increased 259 per cent while earnings have gone up 68 per cent, while the ratio between average home and average household income has leapt from 3.6 to 7.6. Unsurprisingly the proportion of homeowners has fallen from 70.9 to 62.9, and that drop is sharpest among the young. Perhaps the starkest symptom of this tragedy is the rise in homelessness, now ubiquitous in the capital, with the number of families in temporary accommodation up 50 per cent nationwide since 2010.

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