The Epic Story of Christianity

Dominion, by Tom Holland. At the Catholic Herald 

Why #WeHeartGermany

On why we quite like the Germans.

The British Left has never got over the Second World War

At UnHerd, on government-run restaurants.

Refugees welcome: 18th century edition

Refugees welcome: 18th century edition

  I read Lady Antonia Fraser’s The King and the Catholics over the summer, which I mentioned in my UnHerd piece this week. The book contains quite a moving description of how French Catholics, escaping the horror of the French Revolution, had found refuge in their old enemy, England. Jesuit Abbe Barruel, safely in London, wrote that ‘the soul seemed to awaken from a terrifying dream of fiends and monsters, into a… Read on

Brexit is going to drive us all mad

At UnHerd, on ‘Brexit Derangement Syndrome’

Iron, Fire and Ice for just £1.99

Iron, Fire and Ice for just £1.99

  If, like me, you’re signed up to Bookbub, you’ll be getting the daily email tomorrow telling you that my book is reduced on Kindle from £16.99 to just £1.99.   

Why is Guy Verhofstadt bigging up empire?

At UnHerd, on Europe not being an empire. Well, for 1600 years at least.

‘They don’t call me “Boris the bridge-builder”‘

At UnHerd, on the Tories being seen as extreme by half the population despite becoming ever more centrist in all – but one – ways. 

The Tory rebels are the true conservatives

At UnHerd.

I can’t resist a Kindle special offer

I’m a Kindle special offer junkie – I’ve just bought three books which I’ll never have time for read – so if you’re one too, better act now before the offer ends.