Britain’s divisions go way, way back

The Norman legacy has not died out on this side of the Irish Sea, either. As late as 1800 people with Norman surnames were eight times as likely to be MPs than the general population but even today people whose paternal ancestors won in 1066 tend to be richer than the poor Saxons. As Gerald Grosvenor, the late Duke of Westminster put it, when asked by a young journalist what advice he’d give to young entrepreneurs… Read on

My plan for a better Britain: Bring back child labour

At UnHerd, on why children are sometimes better off learning in the workplace.

The EU hankers more for empire than Brexiteers do

At UnHerd. I don’t necessarily mean that as a bad thing, either. And if you want to read more about early medieval Europe, my book is on special offer right now.

My one-man campaign to rebuild Euston Station

Five demolished buildings we should be rebuilding.

If you don’t like the Religious Right, you’re really not going to like the Irreligious Right.

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What will singleton society do to politics?

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Harry Potter and the importance of soft power

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A historic day for this country

At UnHerd, trying to shamelessly trying maximise SEO by writing about 13th century royalty.

How the Knights Templar explain Portuguese politics

At UnHerd, on curious political maps of the 21st century and how they match ancient borders.