Are Remainers brighter than Brexiteers?

Yes, is the short answer. At the Spectator. 

PS Overall, though, there doesn’t seem to be that much difference between conservatives and liberals when it comes to brains.

The paper’s personality results are equally expected. Remain voters – heavily concentrated in cities – tend to be more neurotic, while Leavers scored higher on conscientiousness, a personality trait associated with social conservatism. This study of 2015 voters, for example, showed Green Party voters to be off the scale in neuroticism and openness, but low on conscientiousness.

The kind of people who will up sticks and go travelling for six months to discover themselves, having forgotten they owe you £200.

What everyone has in common, as the recent paper illustrates, is bias. The study found ‘voters on both sides were, for the most part, found to be similarly susceptible to the cognitive biases tested, specifically ideological motivated reasoning, framing and the Dunning-Kruger effect’. We’re all susceptible to ideologically-motivated reasoning, and ideology literally suppresses your ability to reason.

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  1. Elpenor's Ghost says

    I find it extraordinary that Remain voters always think that the Dunning Kruger effect only to the “other side” . They remind me of Dennis Skinner’s comment “Do you know what your trouble is? You’ve been educated beyond your intelligence” That applies to so many of the people I meet these days -as if going through the process of higher education is the same thing as actually being educated. I might add that Dennis Skinner was a Leave voter…

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