Auf Wiedersehen, remainers

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I’m not a great optimist about the whole Brexit thing, although my colleagues would mostly disagree. It’s as if we were expecting a storm and we’re now cheering because it’s gone quiet. Strangely, eerily quiet. Anyway, like with climate change, I hope I’m wrong, and whenever I have my doubts about the whole thing, I think about the ‘Remain’ protests led by Eddie Izzard. Let’s hope these obviously counter-productive demonstrations continue for the next five years.

However, one disaster that doesn’t seem to have materialised yet is the warning that Brexit would lead to a brain drain.

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  1. I rather like the cut of your jib, sir. And the jab. Now about me, and the safety of internationalism, which I suggest must become dangerously less democratic by the design of the powerful when it is integrated across languages , cultures and disitances. Taking advantage of power to maxime and insure their share of national wealth at the expesnse of the governed is what they do. I was never political but always numerate, and as rational as a scientist, engineer and businessman can be. Feynman meets Jobs in spirit, just not ability ;-). Started off from a Grammar alongside John Major, but with more O levels, and worked through graduate apprenticeship, NPL, MRC, al; on day release and night school, through ONC, HNC, Grad INst P to a decent physics honours degree (40% pass rate normal) the research at IC and a top school MBA that finally took me into top level positions in international business. Why should you even care? Because that route to self improvement meant living with every kind of people and working in many cutures and disciplines on the way, globally. From local Youth Club to Athanaeum and international stages. After retiring I took a hard look at the way we are governed, because energy policy seemed undeliverable. It was. Other technology people were pointing this out, including the DECC’s CHeif SCientific Advisor, but lobbyists and politicians were claiming their prescriptions were the only way to repond to the sky imminantly falling and the country disappearing under the sea, sometime. In fact what they promote must make every measure of their own policy unavoidably worse, while they pocket fortunes paid by grateful renewable industry lobbyists to government for defrauding the people and rasing their bills, the lected officials before and after office. The EU was used as the excuse for this multi Billion fraud on the public in clear technical fact, enacted by law, which must make the claimed problems of CO2 emissions, and all the other policy objectives, worse by law. Climate change emissions, , of which we are 2%, made worse, adequacy and security of supply, worse, sustainability as a capable grid supply after fossil, zero. At 2 or 3 times the price by law. Government at work. The supposed cures are woefully inadeuqate enrg sources , only work 30% of the time and depend on 100% fossil generation backup they cannot replace to produce 70% of the energy and to justify their subsidies, and are inadequately useless w/o fossil on the grid. etc. This is a state organised crime of extortion racket, by law, blamed on, but not organised by, the EU. The EU was the excuse for our elite’s to stitch us up with the renewable energy (not climate change) fraud.. “Countries can catch fire”. Then I found incineration of waste…

    Suffice to say its the same racket, making emissions worse for £Billions in easy lobbyist profit on a pseudo science eco justification that the claimed benefits worse in technical fact, and covers up with transparently obvious decit to any anlaytical and numerate mind. Then fisheries, WTF was going on here with discard? Anser dump 50% less profitable fish , dead, lan only count what is landed, which makes more profit per bfactory ship losd while allowing them to claim reduction in catches, nver mind giving away the UK’s rights as an Island nation for ahndful of promises elsewhere. Government at work. Hinkley point’s AReVA EPR is SUCH an obvious elite stitch up versus the better choices from other suppliers it is almost obvious to the masses. 50% more than the market rate for a one bid technology that is owned by the French government, as is EDF, an EU crony, The Chinese are bankrolling it, they may want our money to help make their EPR actually work, but they can also bankroll an alternatve that actually works in their own best national interest, etc. Point?

    The bits I understand and studied were all lies on the fact, exploited for lobbyist’s profit by senior politicians, and no doubt “independent” officials retirement income, by law, at the people’s expense. no real benefits for us from any of this. Certainly NOT the claimed ones – in hard fact. Most of what the elites said on the TV, and the hard science vacuum that is the BBC editorial department, was biased beliefs or plain deceitful diversion from the core facts, untruthful in fact. Does understanding and reason matter?? NO.

    Because the people are powerless, at national or local level, by law. The law makers can steal from the people if they legalise the fraud by a vote. It’s called modern democracy. Enacted by people selected by the mouthpieces of the establishment for later reward, who are themselves selected by a very small bunch of party activists, controlled by the senior party managers and politicicians. Elected policicians don’t work for us, they work and vote for their parties’ orders. Ask the House Information line if you doubt this. Democracy 101. They don’t work for us. Maybe decent at the constituency MP level, most are overtly utterly self serving and wholly corrupt for theirown gain at our expense in so many areas I am trained to understand, engineering, science, business/ applied to energy policy, waste, fisheries , the way the NHS is run, and most public services. The things are run for the maximum gain of elites, not us, the privatisation of services makes this no better, more expensively, for crony lobbyist profit. I could go on.

    The system is the problem. State organised crime by an elite. This needs to be exposed and smashed, in a nice way, and the troughers who defraud the mass of people for personal gain by exploting the system they created for the purpose exposed. Not hard as many are in the commons register of interests. PR seems the only way to lessen the troughing by those in power. Along with a complete ban of senior civil servants EVER working for interests whose interests they influence legisalation on. PR is not a risk in Peace Time. So I joined UKIP to fight the nonsense of fraudulent EU justified law on renewable energy. which make every measure of climate change policy massively and expensively worse for easy insider profit by law, as David MacKay, the former DECC Chief SCientist explained very clearly to Mark Lynas before his untimely death. The only people who benefit from the internationalism that spawned all these global PC frauds are the pan national elites that made them possible, while making it harder to confront them with facts against the “global consesnsus” that was exploited to promote a fact based fraud in its name. The corporates and rich elites who can use the law to profit short term in the Billions world wide exploiting snake oil cures to fears they create, promote and exagerate, and profit further by the loopholes written by civil servants into “harmonised tax avoidance laws”, that allow them to hang onto much more of the profit this generates in a crony country, than when they had to pay something proportionate in their passport country, wherever they were given their silver spoon, attended private school, private health care, etc. We, the people, are not served by these globalising and rapidly stratifying elites. Government needs to return to by the people, for the people. That is THE OPPOSITE of what has happened with the lowering of nation state state barriers, because the state is even less accountable than it was before, and itsmainly self serving elites become a kind of state sized legalised Mafia syndicate, with PR veneer of interchangeable political mouthpieces, so called leaders, presenting their frauds on the facts as good for us, well rewarded for their trouble after office. They even control the forces law and order and the military, so are our top criminals in legalised crime.

    Well, That’s how the facts of what I understand appear to be, on absolute evidence you can self validate, not hearsay. Why internationalism is dangerous and already legalised crime, the mass of people can’t trust the international privileged elite as they slip further away from democratic accountability as borders melt away. Not that there was much to start with, and the felling of the educational beanstalk I climbed by the worried elite has put an end to the best and the brightest of the people being supported into high office by the rest of us. Some have gneo to the dark side, but others maintain some self respect and honour their roots. Government doesn’t like that, so homogenised education and made it expensive to reach the best establishments for all but a few, and easy for the rich, by forcing the best grammar schools to privatise and creating unstreamed comprehensives for the rest. Hardly a recipe for promoting national excellence, just elite excellence and mass mediocrity, whatever the result really was, the intent was clear. Keep the best of the rest in their place, outside power. . I just want more democarcy. That doesn’t come from elite controlled pan national democracy, because too many who want to be there are not the sort of people you should vote for, mostly.

    Along with PR, I would like a ducking stool on the House Terrace, observable from Westminster Bridge, Vauxhall Embankment, for troughers. Sort of TOwer Hill lite. I’ve got a little list re renewable fraud – Bat Shit crazy Worthington, and the roughers she enabled, Yeo, Deben, Hendry, Huhne, Davey – just on energy and climate change fraud – and waste. Not sure about Milliband Junior, too technicaly vacuous to understand the DECC and the facts of energy policy? Not troughing to my knowledge, yours? Others who know their subjects must have more. Feel free to expose legalised fraud by government. There must be so much more, as they only have to tell their lobby fodder to vote for itto keep their phoney baloney jobs. That’s Democarcy Business! “I marched through the lobbies, at me party’s call, and I never through of thinking for meself at all”

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