Brexit: The boredom of living through ‘interesting times’ 

At Spectator Coffee House

And yet 18th and 19th century Britain was politically stable and unified enough to work around these religious-political divisions, without bloodshed, and for minority religions on both sides to be slowly allowed into the mainstream. I’m less confident about the coming troubled times, which have more in common with the far bloodier culture war of the 16th and 17th centuries, which was also spurred on by new technology, in this case printing rather than the internet. Even the angry hot takes of today’s media resemble the vicious, sectarian pamphlets of the wars of religion, all supposed to exaggerate the stupidity and brutality of the other side and create a community of believers.

Political sectarianism is all the more dangerous because it’s pronounced in the more educated and intelligent, the very people who view their belief system and politics to be rational, rather than filled with motivated reasoning and triggered by sacred subjects and groups.

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