Can Katy Perry stop Donald Trump?

At the Spectator Coffee House

I don’t know whether any of Katy Perry’s fans will be more inclined to vote because she has stripped off – I’m not sure how many can vote – but it will sure inspire Trump’s supporters.

One of the many interesting findings Jonathan Haidt has made in his study of political partisanship is that liberals are much worse at understanding their opponents than conservatives are. It might be that, as David Brooks has pointed out, conservatives are so surrounded by liberal ideas, they would be hard pressed not to understand them. Perhaps it’s because liberals are more likely to believe opponents to be just fundamentally wrong and/or evil. A recent study showed that remainers are six times more likely than leavers to display one of the main characteristics of political sectarianism: hostility to a family member marrying one of the other tribe.

But it might also be that liberals, being high-status both in the US and Britain, just don’t care what conservatives believe, because generally people aren’t that interested in what those lower down the social hierarchy think or do (except when they are so far down as to be outside the social norms, in which case they become the subjects of HBO dramas).

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