Do we really want restrictions on German immigration?

Nein, I say. (And despite what the government thinks, non-EU migration is a much bigger issue for voters, even Leave voters.)

To attract my fellow kids, the Tories need more houses, not memes

At Spectator blogs The Tory party has a new youth wing to try to win over the kids with ‘memes’ – I believe they’re called – similar to the way that Momentum has built a sort of cult around Jeremy Corbyn. This is in response to the dismal recent Conservative youth vote, which bodes ill for the party. As someone from the liberal Tory think-tank Bright Blue rather optimistically put it, ‘we’ll only be fine when a… Read on

It’s okay to hate foreigners so long as they’re rich

At the Spectator. On why absentee foreign landlords aren’t to blame for the housing crisis.

I’m a Leaver who would be happy for a second referendum

At the Spectator I voted Leave but if it looks like clearly being an economic disaster, then it’s ridiculous to pursue it whatever the cost. In no field does someone continue along the same course, knowing it will end in complete failure, whatever the consequences. It is true that there would be public anger at a second referendum, but there would be far more if the economy went down the toilet. There is also the fact that, while we… Read on

Young people check their privilege – and feel deeply disappointed

At the Spectator Who would want be a member of Generation Z? Having your every youthful screw-up tracked and recorded on social media, facing the robot job apocalypse and without a lolly’s chance in hell of ever owning a home in London – even if medical advancements allow them to work until they’re 200. To top things off, they’re saddled with years of student debt after their three years learning about Whiteness and Privilege at university. As the… Read on

Donald Trump is a gift for the progressive narrative

At the Spectator Coffee House With all the awfulness of 2017 in Britain it’s been easy to forget about what’s happening across the pond, which is some small comfort. There Donald Trump’s travel ban came into effect last night, a more nuanced and reasonable version of the order he issued in March. Will it make much difference to security or, more pertinently, the rate of immigration from these countries? Who knows, but the presentational damage from the earlier ban… Read on

If you can’t afford a home, why vote Tory?

At the Spectator Back in the 90s and even early noughties it was a cliché that middle-class English people used to talk about house prices at dinner parties. That hasn’t been the case for a good decade, if my social circles are any indicators; it would be like bringing up interesting anecdotes of people we know discovering they have cancer. For years a handful of miserablists, such as our own Nick Cohen, have been warning that housing inflation is… Read on

13 things we have learnt about Britain since the EU Referendum

At the Coffee House A large gap between the elites and public is a really bad thing. I’m not of the opinion that the people are necessarily right and the elites wrong – I’m, I suppose, a member of the elite, albeit an obscure and unimportant one. But well-educated and sociable people are more susceptible to fashionable ideas, which are often idiotic (indeed idiotic ideas have many advantages over sensible ones). The gap on the critical, existential issue for… Read on

Labour is now the party of the middle class

At the Coffee House The polling data coming out of the election is very interesting; the Conservatives enjoyed a 17-point lead among people with no qualifications, while Labour had a 15-point advantage with graduates. This does not take into account age, since older people are far less likely to have a degree, but certainly this was ‘Labour’s highest middle class support since 1979, and the Conservatives’ best score among C2DEs since then’, as one analyst Read on

The future belongs to the Left

At the Coffee House When I was in my early 20s and quite conservative I assumed I was just an anomaly, someone who develops these traits earlier than normal, and conservatism was like baldness or impotence or the other bad things that get you in middle age; most of my friends and contemporaries would catch up at some point, because these things just develop at different speeds. Now in my late 30s I realise it’s worse than that and… Read on