Spectator: So governments can control the weather, but not our borders?

This week the world’s leaders were in Paris to discuss this very subject, which attracted scorn from many on the right. I should point out that my knowledge of the science involved is little enough as to be worthless, so I’m inclined to believe what the majority of scientists say on the subject. Who knows, maybe 97 per cent of scientists are wrong and it’s a hoax or exaggerated for political reasons, but not being an expert on the subject I defer to people who are.

But it’s strange that on the same day Europe’s leaders were getting together to see how they could control the climate, they were announcing a deal that would outsource Europe’s border controls to Turkey, because they are apparently incapable of controlling their own frontiers. I do find it odd that people who believe that governments can alter the climate so often also believe we can have no control over our borders, because free movement is some inevitable part of modernity.

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