The hypocrisy of pro-Union Brexiteers

At the Spectator, on the prospect of yet another referendum.

It would also create the strange situation where a British government that had just left the European Union would be warning Scots that leaving a larger union will have catastrophic economics consequences. Surely no one involved in Brexit, or who supported Brexit, can make any argument against Scottish independence except emotional ones: that the British are a nation and for that reason should stick together. That point was almost entirely absent last time around, with the unionists instead warning that leaving would be a disaster for their economy; with many of the same people then campaigning for a Leave vote.

On a personal level I prefer Scottish unionists to nationalists, probably because I know more, but the idea that Scotland couldn’t survive or even thrive outside the UK strikes me as absurd. They gave the world Adam Smith, after all, and many countries of the same size or smaller do fine; it would almost certainly have to cut spending and the size of its government, but I imagine many nationalists would be happy with that trade-off.

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  1. Gwyn Parry says

    Personally, I would not be at all bothered by Scotland leaving the Union – I am tired of hearing them bang on about it. The last time they went it alone and set up a colony in South America, it resulted in their complete bankruptcy and they were bailed out by England. I think the agreement was to join the Union which has been successful for both.

    I must draw your attention on behalf of the warning voices in Parliament and various Brexiteers. There is a very considerable difference between the UK Parliament and the EU. Witness the fact that the people at Westminster are voted in to power by the people, and can just as easily be kicked out. Witness also the number of SNPs who are quite able to play their part in government.

    Compare and contrast the EU and in particular the Commission – not one of them elected. The EU is like the Russia of years ago – it is a Soviet with a “pretend parliament” and a Politbureau with all the power. Little by little we lose the right to govern ourselves as the EU ploughs on for “ever closer union”.

    Mr West – I have almost finished your book – “The Diversity Illusion”. I cannot say the I have “enjoyed” it, but I rank it as one of the most important books I have ever read – maybe the most important. I have just finished Tom Bowers excellent book about Tony Blair in power – “Broken Vows”, which dovetailed perfectly with yours.

    Now every minute of the day I am asking the same question – “what am I going to do about it”? Surely people in power know as much as you, and if not they can read your book. What is to be done? Might you cover this in your blog, or as you warn, will you be declared a rabid racist.

    I would so appreciate any advice or names of places I can contact to find out more and to DO something about it.

    Gwyn Parry – Newport Pembs

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