To attract my fellow kids, the Tories need more houses, not memes

At Spectator blogs

So here’s a proposal to save the Tory party: devolve all planning law to the regional level – allowing Greater London to build on its green belt, in return for which the Tory-voting shires can preserve theirs. This is actually a viable solution in a way that building on brownfield sites isn’t, for as the Adam Smith Institute point out: ‘Just 3.7 per cent of London’s green belt—that fraction within 15 minutes walk of existing train stations—would be enough for 1m new homes at unambitious densities.’ 

If we built more than that, or constructed Parisian-style densities of five, six or seven floors, we could drastically increase the number of homes. Development will not be popular in the outer boroughs, but research by Create Streets shows that local opposition sharply declines when residents are presented with traditional, vernacular architecture. My proposal is that we have a Tory mayoral candidate in 2020 promising to build and build up in the outer boroughs, so reducing housing costs in the city – and get Francis Terry to design it all. Trust me, if there’s one thing young people really do love, it’s traditional architectural forms – isn’t that right, fellow kids?

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