Warnings of a Romanian migrant surge were right

At Spectator Coffee House

The economic impact on A2 migration is probably either neutral or mildly positive, the key economic worry being its effect on the still worsening housing crisis; the social costs of such migration are probably quite small. The bigger concern is the impact on eastern and southern Europe, which is now enduring a brain drain of huge proportions, to the extent that places like Romania are emptying of young people. Will they be able to recover when their economies reach a certain point? I don’t know.

The real question for us is why are British journalists and other intellectuals so fantastically bad at making predictions? It’s especially odd because, in this case, Migration Watch were accurate in predicting A8 movement from 2004, so if someone had previously cried wolf and on that occasion a wolf had appeared, a rational person might give more weight to their opinion. But then this is not a rational argument, rather it’s a moral one that goes to the core of our identity and sacred values. Trying to convince someone otherwise is as futile as debating religion with someone knocking at your door on Sunday morning. Anyway, to any of my new neighbours in north London, Bine ati venit and добре дошли.

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