Why do we indulge the crimes of the Left?

At the Spectator Coffee House

I like to look at the children’s history books when I take my kids to the library each week, and these are raising a generation of true believers. Although far more deal with the Marxism of race, with a number of hagiographies of Barack Obama and Nelson Mandela, I picked one up the other day explaining the Chinese Revolution. Mao is described in bold letters as a ‘social visionary’ and I could find no mention of the millions who died, only a figure of 35,000 attributed to conflict during the period.

Two generations of people have been almost inoculated to the fundamental ideas of reaction, such as the division of humanity into in and out groups based on ancestry or faith, but are raised to be receptive to the quest for human equality based on the idea that humans can be remoulded by their environment; a theoretically less revolting idea, but one that has sent even more people to their graves.

In Michel Houellebecq’s Submission, the Muslim Brotherhood come to power in a coalition in which their only demand is that they are able to control education, since all that matters in the long term is raising a generation to share your beliefs; in contrast issues like healthcare, defence, even the economy are ephemeral. If conservatives were seriously interested in their long-term prospects, they would think about setting up schools where they were able to do the same.

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