The start of ‘the historic American retreat’? I hope not

When I was my kid my parents took my brother and me to East Berlin (they were a bit odd that way). I recall, amid what was at the age of eight a frightening place (what struck me was of course the Wall, and the crosses there where young people had been shot trying to escape), the American soldiers there, who we took pictures of alongside their Soviet opposite numbers. I remember, perhaps later, having the feeling that this superpower was what kept them from doing the same thing to those of us lucky to live on the other side of the wall. I’ve  been  irritated by America-haters ever since, especially those Democrats in London who want to apologise for all their country’s wrongdoings.

It’s on that note that I Ieave you with another downbeat blopost on the future prospects for the American superpower, compared to the rising dominance of China. I hope it’s not true, but being a glass-half-full-of-poison sort of person I suspect it is.

On another note a second edition of my depressive book is coming out soon. Great. Just great.

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  1. Dear Ed.,
    Include an option to follow you receiving messages when you post. I did not find one.
    Pedro Erik

  2. John Perkins says

    This seems entirely disingenuous. After decades of communist domination, eastern European countries are far more spiritually healthy than their western counterparts. The end result of liberalism, as promoted and practically enforced by the US after the WWII, will be the destruction of British society. Meanwhile, Russia is resisting those social pathologies which now rack western nations. It is far better to be openly oppressed by communism than it is to have your soul rot under liberalism.

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