Libertarians and conservatives – an odd couple

One of the noticeable political developments of recent years has been the way that the debate over drugs has become much less of a Left/Right issue. Although there were some Tories in favour of legalisation in the 1980s and 90s, they were mavericks in an overwhelmingly prohibitionist political movement. Now, however, when Peter Hitchens writes a book about drugs, The War We Never Fought, much of the most strident opposition comes from those on the Right. The free-market libertarian Right,… Read on

Why liberals can’t understand conservatives

From Telegraph blogs, March 6, 2012   There was an interesting post in the Independent the other day about the rise of libertarianism: There’s a silent revolution happening on campuses across the world. Libertarian activism is on the rise. Political figures like Ron Paul have started to draw huge support from younger voters, but the trend seems to be much deeper and more sustained than any single political campaign. Rather than simply throwing support behind individuals… Read on