Is beauty the answer to the housing crisis?

At CapX, some suggestions for the next Tory mayoral candidate: Policy Exchange’s own polling showed people in Outer London are open to more housing, and since some 22 per cent of Greater London is Green Belt, that means a lot of homes. The next Tory mayoral candidate is under no pressure or expectation to win, so the party may as well go all-out for bold ideas, proposing a number of different housing developments on the outskirts of London, based… Read on

To attract my fellow kids, the Tories need more houses, not memes

At Spectator blogs The Tory party has a new youth wing to try to win over the kids with ‘memes’ – I believe they’re called – similar to the way that Momentum has built a sort of cult around Jeremy Corbyn. This is in response to the dismal recent Conservative youth vote, which bodes ill for the party. As someone from the liberal Tory think-tank Bright Blue rather optimistically put it, ‘we’ll only be fine when a… Read on