13 things we have learnt about Britain since the EU Referendum

At the Coffee House A large gap between the elites and public is a really bad thing. I’m not of the opinion that the people are necessarily right and the elites wrong – I’m, I suppose, a member of the elite, albeit an obscure and unimportant one. But well-educated and sociable people are more susceptible to fashionable ideas, which are often idiotic (indeed idiotic ideas have many advantages over sensible ones). The gap on the critical, existential issue for… Read on

Why are so few big business leaders for remain?

At he Spectator blogs What worries me, as an outer, is that we’re seeing a repeat of the Scottish referendum, where company bosses were scared to reveal their opinions for fear of economic boycotts or other social penalties, amid a general atmosphere of nastiness. Personally I’m against companies getting explicitly involved in political movements, largely because they tend to support gormlessly right-on causes that distract from their ruthless practices; but it’s healthy and right that business leaders give their opinion… Read on

It may actually be in Ukip’s interest to lose the EU referendum

It may actually be in Ukip’s interest to lose the EU referendum

From Spectator blogs Will the country be torn apart by the EU referendum? That’s the argument made by Chris Deerin on the capitalist running dog website CapX. Deerin, a Scottish Unionist, says it’s now Great Britain’s turn to go through the same painful and divisive process that Scotland endured last year. Personally I doubt that will happen, although it’s possible that a slender vote in favour of remaining in the EU may in the long term… Read on