Someone rid us of the awful slogan: ‘hardworking families’

From Spectator blogs, December 2, 2013 This is a message to any politician out there thinking of using the phrase ‘hardworking families’ or ‘hardworking people’ – I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you. A day does not go by without a Tory politician using this highly irritating slogan, especially in the regular spam emails I get from the party. The latest occurrence happened today with the energy minister telling WATO that… Read on

The nightmare ended in jazz and cigarettes

World War Two: A Short History by Norman Stone Allen Lane, £16.99 Norman Stone is the master of the short history book. His 1980 biography of Hitler filled less than 180 pages in an age when accounts of forgettable cabinet ministers are five times as big. Both his Turkey: A Short History (2011) and his World War One: A Short History are recommended first reading for those specific areas of history. Stone’s unique selling point in this crowded field is his power as a… Read on

Why Americans Don’t Do Darwin

Why Americans Don’t Do Darwin

Despite the economic collapse of our continent and a vaguely hysterical populist campaign against the bankers who helped to bankrupt our country, the British are still glued to the US presidential election, with Mitt Romney’s image rarely off most UK news sites’ home pages. American politics fascinates the British for a number of reasons; the sheer spectacle of the long, gruelling and expensive race, carried out over a physically enormous area; the glamour of the candidates; the strange attachment to… Read on