The Weekly Standard: Handing Britain To Jeremy Corbyn To Own the Libs

Me at the Weekly Standard. I wish I’d bothered to learn more poetry when I was younger so that I could think beyond Yeats’s done-to-death ‘Second Coming’ when musing British politics right now. Perhaps in 2018 it is better explained in meme form, as the dog in the burning house muttering ‘This is fine’, or the sweating man forced to choose between two buttons: ‘Renege on Referendum Promises’ and ‘Destroy the economy and Tory party’. After close to 200… Read on

Everyone loses in the clash between liberalism and democracy

At CapX It seems odd that liberalism (in the older, wider sense) and democracy might be in conflict, like the scene in Superman 3 where Clark Kent fights his alter ego in a junk yard. The two once went together almost like a compound, with “capitalist” as the third crucial element. People spoke about fighting the Cold War in terms of defending democracy. It was what defined our way of life — and yet increasingly intellectuals in the centre… Read on

How much is immigration to blame for the housing crisis?

At the Spectator I’m never going to be able to own my home, that’s why I’ll vote Labour; also the Tories are horrible to immigrants and they don’t think animals are alive or something, my friend Molly shared it on Facebook. That’s basically the crux of the argument I’m hearing, obviously a childish, reductio one, and I sense the frustration. I’ve argued before that house-building is an existential issue for the Tories and that we need to allow people… Read on

Spectator: So governments can control the weather, but not our borders?

This week the world’s leaders were in Paris to discuss this very subject, which attracted scorn from many on the right. I should point out that my knowledge of the science involved is little enough as to be worthless, so I’m inclined to believe what the majority of scientists say on the subject. Who knows, maybe 97 per cent of scientists are wrong and it’s a hoax or exaggerated for political reasons, but not being an expert on the subject… Read on

The Moral Maze this week

I was on the programme this week, which can be found here, on the subject of immigration. (I know, why can’t we talk about immigration? You never hear it mentioned.) I came up with some killer arguments, I thought, unfortunately about three hours later while doing the washing up. One thing I would add, and which is usually absent when discussing the moral aspect of this topic; the issue of prejudice and racism in the west is often seen… Read on

Net migration is up, but net migration is a meaningless term

From Spectator blogs The latest figures showing a big increase in net migration are a blow to the Conservatives, although it obviously reflects on the relative strength of the British economy; at least in relation to the basket cases of southern Europe, from where large numbers have come. It will almost certainly mean more Tory voters joining Nigel Farage’s purple revolution, especially because it illustrates the impossibility of controlling immigration while Britain is inside the EU; the number… Read on

One solution to the housing shortage – build on Hampstead Heath

From Spectator blogs If I was going to measure possible reasons to desert the Tories at the next election, and I can think of a couple, plans to concrete over the countryside would score pretty highly. As a theoretical idea about something happening miles away from my home it almost makes me want to write letters to the Telegraph; if it were in my backyard I’d be shaking my fist at passing traffic or whatever people in the… Read on

Migrants are making housing more affordable

Or so said the FT yesterday   Preliminary findings from Dr Nils Braakmann from Newcastle University run counter to received political wisdom that the substantial influx of eastern European migrants over the past decade is one of the main causes of the sharp increase in British house prices.  Dr Braakmann’s research identified two reasons for the effect: local people move out of an area as immigrants move in and migrants tend to live in more crowded… Read on

What the world needs now – another opinion piece on the Middle East

I haven’t been as active as I’d like to be recently, but over the bank holiday weekend Liberal Conspiracy ran a Q and A with me on the immigration issue, which was good of them – obviously Sunny and myself are probably not going to agree on this subject, but it’s good to interact with the other side. I wrote a blogpost for the Herald on the subject of minorities in the Middle East, because I… Read on

Is eastern European immigration a result of the working class being demonised?

My latest post at the Coffee House on the open borders crowd.