Fr Ragheed Ganni, 1972-2007

Fr Ragheed Ganni, 1972-2007

Ten years ago today four men and a woman were leaving the Holy Spirit Church in Mosul after Sunday evening Divine Liturgy when they were approached by a group armed with guns. Fr Ragheed Ganni, a 35-year-old Chaldean Catholic priest  who had just celebrated Mass, had recently been warned by Islamists to close the church or face the consequence, and the atmosphere in Iraq’s second city had become intense that year as the country’s sectarian violence escalated. Fr Ganni was… Read on

Europe, Islamism and some uncomfortable home truths #BrusselsAttacks

At the Spectator blogs For all the goodwill shown by the vast majority of people in Europe, Muslim and non-Muslim, and for all those things that shouldn’t have to be said – that most Muslims hate this monstrosity – these statistics correlate to terrorism risk. That’s not something people want to hear when they have a desperate urge to feel solidarity, but it is true nonetheless. It may well be that as the Muslim population increases in any European… Read on

There’s nothing ‘conservative’ about supporting foreign intervention

me in Spectator Coffee House: I supported the Iraq invasion in 2003, by about 75/25, but I didn’t write about politics at the time and so never expressed any public opinion; I was from that generation that had watched helplessly as Africans starved in the 1980s and, following Bosnia and Kosovo, neo-colonialism in the name of liberalism and justice seemed like a good idea at the time. Iraq was a disaster, and for fairly conservative reasons. One of… Read on

Nobody will dare satirise the multiculturalism that allows Islamism to flourish

From Spectator blogs   Britain’s most famous cultural icon since Benny Hill has been revealed, Jihadi John being named as Mohammed Emwazi, a young Kuwaiti immigrant from Queen’s Park in north-west London. Queen’s Park is one of those very mixed areas of inner-ish London; the Victorian properties are hugely expensive and filled with people who 10 years ago might have lived in Notting Hill and 10 years before that Kensington, but it’s also got lots of scary housing… Read on