Hail, Emmanuel Macron, crowned of God, great and peaceful Emperor of the Romans!

From the Catholic Herald print edition, July 5, 2018 Last week France’s maddeningly young president Emmanuel Macron became the “first and only honorary canon” of the Basilica of St John Lateran while on a trip to meet the Holy Father in Rome. The title dates back to the 15th century but many French presidents, including François Mitterrand and François Hollande, have declined the honour, in consideration of the Republic’s often difficult relationship with Catholicism. Macron, however, seemed to be revelling… Read on

Daily Telegraph: Life is so much better with our elders around

From the Daily Telegraph, October 2, 2014 Grandparents are not just free babysitters – they offer us a vital link with the past Pope Francis, the world’s most popular septuagenarian, held an event at the weekend for thousands of the elderly and their grandchildren, where he said: “A people that doesn’t take care of its grandparents and treat them well is a people with no future.” He’s right, and as a father of three young children who still relies on… Read on