Untold truths – how the spirit of inquiry is being suppressed in the West

From Spectator blogs, November 28, 2013 It looks like Boris has offended lots of people by suggesting that some folk are where they are because they’re not very bright, something Nick Clegg calls ‘unpleasant’ and ‘careless’. It’s also, as Clegg must know perfectly well, true, but as Rod Liddle writes this week there are certain things you just can’t talk about, not just despite being true but because they’re true. Rod cites what Dominic Grieve recently said… Read on

We should encourage and promote ‘Cultural Anglicanism’ in schools

From Spectator blogs, Septmber 13, 2013 In this week’s magazine Douglas Murray has struck up a friendship with Professor Richard Dawkins, despite things having started rather badly when Douglas previously suggested that the professor’s failure to criticise Islam was just him ‘showing his survival instinct’. Well, no one can accuse Dawkins of being shy on that front now, and the Professor recently received a sort of auto-de-fe for stating Islamophobic facts. But he was… Read on

I’m a Catholic, and I have a confession: I love Richard Dawkins

I love Richard Dawkins. I’m not keen on the whole God-bashing thing, which I think is based on faulty arguments, but being a fan of JC and a member of “the world’s second most evil religion”, I’m bound to say that. When I was a young teenager I remember reading The Selfish Gene and it having a profound influence on the way I saw the world; one of the best books of our age. It may well have influenced my… Read on