Donald Trump played the identity politics game – and won

At the Spectator: Trump seems to have survived by refusing to submit when his opponents took offence and attempted to shame him into backing down, a tactic that has been hugely successful against conservatives in the past. But Trump is also the triumph of identity politics. For years the punditry have been saying that the GOP is finished because America is becoming more diverse, failing to see that since the Democrats win through identity politics, then Republicans could… Read on

Can Katy Perry stop Donald Trump?

At the Spectator Coffee House I don’t know whether any of Katy Perry’s fans will be more inclined to vote because she has stripped off – I’m not sure how many can vote – but it will sure inspire Trump’s supporters. One of the many interesting findings Jonathan Haidt has made in his study of political partisanship is that liberals are much worse at understanding their opponents than conservatives are. It might be that, as David Brooks has pointed out,… Read on

Our revolting new elites

From The Catholic Herald print edition, February 26, 2016 When I joined the Catholic Herald in September 2007, the American media were starting to talk up a junior senator from Illinois with a confusingly foreign name. This Barack Obama was going to heal America’s wounds and bring us a post-racial future, or at least that’s what I recall Radio 4 telling me. Now, in 2016, no one talks of hope and change any more. This year’s US presidential… Read on