Vikings and The Last Kingdom: how TV drama fell in love with bloodthirsty paganism

At the Catholic Herald: The Vikings are violent and uncouth, but for all that they are portrayed as being honest and earthy, authentic and fun-loving; the Christians in contrast are peaceful but also cowardly and hypocritical. The Church is accused of acquiring gold for monasteries out of sheer greed; their attitude to sex and celibacy is nonsensical; the Christian armies are weak and worthy of contempt, led by cowardly kings (in real life the Vikings disappeared for a… Read on

What historical events would make good HBO series/films

Apropo nothing, I’ve been thinking about what historical events would make good HBO series or films. The Varangian Guard The bodyguards of the Byzantine emperor were German barbarians of all sorts, but I’d be especially interested in the story of the Anglo-Saxons who fled their homeland after Hastings to fight for Constantinople (some even ended up fighting against Normans in Sicily). It could begin on October 14, 1066 and go from there. Get Sean Bean to play Harold Godwinson,… Read on