I can’t resist a Kindle special offer

I’m a Kindle special offer junkie – I’ve just bought three books which I’ll never have time for read – so if you’re one too, better act now before the offer ends.

Overrated: The British stand-up

At Standpoint magazine

The unredeemed universe of Game of Thrones

At the Catholic Herald

Fer, Feu & Glace (Le Trône de fer)

Fer, Feu & Glace (Le Trône de fer)

This is the opening to Iron, Fire and Ice: The Real History that Inspired Game of Thrones, translated with the help of @lucas_mst Un jeune prétendant levaitune armée pour prendre le trône. Lorsqu’il appritla mort de son père, l’adolescent – élégant et charismatique comme les descendants des rois du nord – jura de le venger par la lame. Malgré son jeune âge, il avait déjà gagné de nombreuses batailles et il suscitait  la loyauté de beaucoup de grandes familles… Read on

All my Spectator Coffee House pieces are up (well, most of them)

They can be found here.

My Kingdom for a Horse – only $1.99 on Kindle

Buy it here. And here’s a sample Introduction Now is the winter of our discontent/Made glorious summer by this sun of York. As the historian Robert Tombs put it, no other country but England had, until the age of cinema, turned its national history into a popular drama, thanks to William Shakespeare’s series of plays. These seven histories chart the country’s dynastic conflict from 1399 to 1485, starting with the overthrow of the demented Richard II and… Read on

The Weekly Standard: Handing Britain To Jeremy Corbyn To Own the Libs

Me at the Weekly Standard. I wish I’d bothered to learn more poetry when I was younger so that I could think beyond Yeats’s done-to-death ‘Second Coming’ when musing British politics right now. Perhaps in 2018 it is better explained in meme form, as the dog in the burning house muttering ‘This is fine’, or the sweating man forced to choose between two buttons: ‘Renege on Referendum Promises’ and ‘Destroy the economy and Tory party’. After close to 200… Read on

The Path of the Martyrs, ebook priced 99p

The Path of the Martyrs, ebook priced 99p

Over the last few years, on and off, I’ve been writing some beginner’s guides to medieval history. The main idea is that these are the sort of books I wish I’d had when I was younger, telling the story of English history in a light and not too complicated way but also trying to be funny about it (I was just too old for Horrible Histories, although I love the TV series, almost to the point of obsession). It was… Read on

1066 and Before All That

This is a sample of 1066 and Before All That; you can buy the whole thing here. (And if you like it – don’t forget to review on Amazon.) Goodreads reviews can be found here. In April 1066 an elderly, eccentric monk called Elmer noticed a shooting star in the sky from his Abbey of Malmesbury in Wiltshire. Seeing it as a bad omen, Elmer is supposed to have muttered: ‘You’ve come, you source of tears… Read on

1215 and All That

This is a sample from 1215 and All That. The whole thing can be bought here One day in June 1944, King George VI was driving back to Windsor from London in a furious mood. The powerful wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill had just overruled him once again, frustrating the stammering king’s attempt to have a say in government. The monarch, a gentle and nervous figure who was well on his way to smoking himself to… Read on