Three books out this year

I have three shortish books published this year on medieval English history, covering Alfred the Great and the Vikings, the Norman Conquest and Magna Carta and King John. Two more will follow next year. The books will be published in the US (although also available on British Amazon) and are aimed at newcomers to the era; an older version of Horrible Histories, basically. The last is a much expanded version of my ebook on Magna Carta,… Read on

Why Ken Loach is a stupid-head and ‘poverty’ is a myth

I have that thing where lots of people are angry with a headline rather than an actual article, about Ken Loach. Actually the article’s not really about Ken Loach, it’s about Christopher Lasch, but as I was writing it I noticed the director’s call for a revolt against the elites. What interests me is how unlikely and archaic this now seems, because across the western world working-class votes are going to the Right: Labour is now third among working-class… Read on

Where angels come from

I’m in the Christmas issue of The Field. A small extract below, but to read the whole thing you’ll have to buy it: The Christmas story, as anyone knows, begins with a cherub-faced angel and ends with three wise men. Every year we mark this most famous of stories in the carols we sing, in the nativity scenes we put out, and in the decorations on our trees – yet few are aware of the full role angels play… Read on

Conservatism in the 21st Century: 11 leading conservatives discuss the state of conservatism in the age of Donald Trump

English edition now available.   PS We’re doomed!

What are the facts behind Black Lives Matter?

Almost eight years after Barack Obama’s presidential campaign promised healing in America, his last summer in power will most likely be remembered for a series of race riots, most recently in Charlotte, as well as two race-related massacres of police in just ten days. Both the Texas and Louisiana killers seemed to have been motivated by anger at the killings of African-Americans, a rage shared by large numbers of people as the Black Lives Matter campaign has gained momentum. The common belief,… Read on

Asabiyyah now available on audiobook


To France!

But surely France has already been discovered, by the French for a start… I’m off for two weeks poncing around the south of France in chinos so don’t don’t take it personally if I don’t respond. I’ll mainly be reading about horrific medieval torture not just out of pleasure or to escape from the current year, but also because I’m working on a history series aimed at young adults/students/people new to the area. An editor working for an American publisher Read on

How Christianity helped cause mass migration in Europe

At Lapido Media IN 1954 German Lutheran theologian Horst Kasner brought his wife and three young children across the Iron Curtain to take up a role in a new parish. Nothing unusual in that – 200,000 Germans headed from East to West Germany that year – except that Mr Kasner was heading in the other direction. They settled north of Berlin, where the churchman and his wife raised their children in a former seminary. It was in this… Read on

Wealthier people have their own border controls – they’re called house prices

I’m in Centre Write, the magazine of think-tank Bright Blue, debating migration. And the experience of immigration, from the natives’ point of view, almost entirely depends on where they live; my part of London is, by historical standards, very cosmopolitan, with dozens of languages spoken at my daughters’ school. But the area’s high housing costs ensure that it will never get that diverse, and the percentage of people who speak impeccable English never falls below a tipping point… Read on

Print edition of 1215 and All That: A Very, very short history of Magna Carta and King John

This Wednesday is Magna Carta Day, marking the date in 1215 when King John agreed to a series of demands by the country’s leading barons, a conflict that happily influenced important legal principles such as the idea that no one can be imprisoned without due process.  Anyway, I have good news to further improve my cheery demeanor. My ebook on the subject, 1215 and All That: A Very, very short history of Magna Carta and King John,… Read on