Can you get ten out of ten on this language quiz?

First person to email, tweet or comment below with the correct answer I’ll send a copy of my new book, published this week, England in the Age of Chivalry (and Awful Diseases).


How many of the 100 most common words in English derive from French?*
Which two European nationalities are named after the same tribe in two different, totally unrelated languages?
Which English football club (top four divisions) has a name derived from Arabic?
Which English football club (ditto) has a name partly derived from Etruscan?
What links bread and cheese in English, tomato in Arabic and chickpeas in Sicilian?
How many dialects & languages are there native to France still spoken? 35, 55 or 75?**
Who was the first king of England after Harold II to have English as a first language?
Which Romance language is a recognised minority language in two predominantly Muslim countries?
What was the first book translated into Afrikaans?
Which variation of English did William Caxton describe as sounding ‘more like Dutch than English’?


* For the most common 100 words I’m using Wikipedia’s definition
** According to Graham Robb’s The Discovery of France
Tweet, email or put your answers in the comments. The editor’s decision is final. Even if I’m wrong, I’ll just refuse to admit it, despite the overwhelming evidence. Also, I’m afraid I’ll only post to a UK address.

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