Declining institutions >>> more unbalanced people in power

Declining institutions >>> more unbalanced people in power

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We fight over these issues because the decline of formal institutions has made it far easier for extremely dysfunctional people with personality disorders to rise to positions of power. If you look at medieval history, for example, it’s filled with extremely popular preachers who were able to attract large numbers of people. These men and women — people like Peter the Hermit, for instance — were very charismatic but also extremely unbalanced, extreme and dangerous, because these things are often linked.

Unbalanced charismatics often led pogroms against Jews or other instances of mass disorder. In the 14th century, when Church prestige suffered after the Black Death, there were the Flagellants, groups of people who got together to commit public acts of self-harm, and who frequently became extremely aggressive towards perceived enemies — especially priests.

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