Elites don’t preach what they practise

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Another paradox is that the more globally-minded internationalist urban elite are also very attached to their neighbourhoods, which tend to be sociable and high in trust. In contrast, the most rooted parts of England often have the lowest level of social capital and little involvement in neighbourhood social organisations (parental investment in school activities would be the best measurement of this). These are the “culturally conservative” areas which tended to vote Brexit and recently switched from Labour to the Conservatives. Essentially, they talk the 50s but walk the 90s.


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  1. Clem Alford says

    Multiculturalism in its current suit is failing miserabley. The establishment’s positive take is an economic one and forcing it on the host nation, in this case the UK without asking.
    I have been associated with Indian culture and the Indian community both in the UK and in India where I studied back in 1968 for two years in West Bengal.
    The failure is in identity politics and the establishment’s imposing what it thinks should be some kind of uniformity of culture and social behaviour on the indigenous population. Look at all the ghettoisation that is happening to the extent that you have Muslim Islamic patrols maning the streets of East London and other Muslim areas. My former MP Frank Dobson told me they did that to protect themselves and he was happy to defend that position.
    I have myself encountered this skin colour discrimination with a producer at the BBC saying I was the wrong colour with regard to a lecture and performance on Indian Classical music!!
    You can see the inverted racism at the BBC as in this advert. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/885434/bbc-trainee-job-advert-open-to-non-white-applicants-only
    I have encountered this even with the Labour party back in the early 80’s when Ken Livingstone the head of the GLC held a farewell party in Julilee Gardens after Margert Thatcher closed it down. His booker refused to give myself and my English accompanist a gig saying we were the ‘wrong colour’! I thought merit was the mesure not colour or racial background. Now everyone is so shit scared of being called a racist even though white people in London are now the ‘ethnic’ minority race relations in the capital are strained.
    The recent MSM covering of the Pakistani Muslim paedophile gangs in northen English towns and cities just shows the level political correctism has gone mad. Even MPs claiming the raped children should be quiet for the sake of social harmony and political correctness.
    The sad truth is that even those that tried to expose what was going on for years were jailed.
    Fortunately one country Denmark awarded one fighter for free speech. https://rebeldonations.com/rebel-news-tommy-prize-reporting-ezra-levant/

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