‘Saxons vs Vikings’ and ‘1066 and Before All That’ published August 8

I have a series of history books aimed at young adults published in the US. It came about as a result of an Amazon Kindle Single on Magna Carta, which Skyhorse wished to publish (in extended form – the ebook was 30,000, the book book is 50,000). The five books are sort of my idea of a slightly older Horrible Histories, officially aimed at young adults but accessible to non-young adults too (I was too old for HH, although I love the TV series, which I watch with the kids although I have secretly watched it when they’re asleep too).

Anyway, book one is about Alfred the Great and the Vikings, and covers English history up to the 970s, and book two is about the Battle of Hastings and thereabouts, and goes from Ethelred the Unready to the Anarchy. Email me with any queries. Book 3, on Magna Carta, is out later in the year.

What do you think?