The Great Viking Army turned up in early medieval England. What happened next will blow your mind

I thought I’d take a sideways step from making the world a better, happier place writing about politics and how everything is terrible – and instead write some history books about how everything used to be terrible. They’re aimed at the young adult market, although they can happily be read by adult-adults, a sort of slightly older Horrible Histories.

The five books cover English history in the medieval period, from the fall of Rome to the War of the Roses. Book number one, out this week, is about Alfred the Great and the Vikings. It’s published at the same time as book two, on the Battle of Hastings.

Book 3, on Magna Carta, comes out in October. They are only available in the US although obviously can be bought on Amazon anywhere. (Hopefully there will be a UK edition at some point.)

What do you think?