The New Church: me in the Bow Group magazine

I feature in Crossbow, the magazine of the Conservative Bow Group:

But while the churches are not as influential as they once were, the far bigger problem for the Tories in 2015 and 2020 and 2030 is what has replaced them: the new church, that of the established institutions of government, education, social work and media, and the moral and political consensus that has grown inside them. Sometimes this is called the Blob, or the Cathedral, or new establishment, but whatever we call it, it is understood this new church is all-powerful and institutionally hostile to conservatism.

Yet the Tory-led government not only made almost no effort in dismantling this network but has further empowered it. It cannot possibly hope to win in the long term with this strategy. This new church incorporates most of the media, especially the BBC, as well as academia, the charity sector, civil service and education establishment.

Charities are the most noticeably aggressive evangelizers. For the first three years of the Coalition government the state-funded and hugely powerful Today programme would invite representatives of large charities to condemn government cuts for increasing poverty; all of these charities, without exception, receive funding from the state, and yet are presented as disinterested bodies who profess these beliefs purely out of goodness. It would be like inviting on someone to wax lyrical about how the Catholic Church was the answer to society’s ills without mentioning that he was a bishop.

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  1. I have to say even a year ago I doubt I would have believed I would be reading such an article in such a journal, but I really am so hacked off with the modern day left (and my university professors) that I wonder which party I will be in in five years time.

    All that said, I could never vote for the current Conservative party because, like it or not, they are the front for globalised finance. That’s why they are socially liberal – tradition gets in the way of making money, restrictions on immigration get in the way of expanding the fiat (private) debt supply.

    Much of the Left’s economic analysis is true. It’s just a pity about the Left.


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