Tory Boy

Tory Boy

Tory Boy: Memoirs of the Last Conservative, originally published in 2020 in hardback as Small Men on the Wrong Side of History


‘Small Men provides 350-plus pages of serious, panoramic, nuanced commentary on how the great public arguments of our time have comes to pass’. Michael Duggan, Irish Examiner  

‘Witty and self-deprecating, West surveys the landscape with candour and humour if without much hope.’ Nick Spencer, Tablet

‘West’s book is part-autobiography, part-history, part-analysis of the present state of politics and society. It is funny (in a good way) and makes good reading for anyone seeking to understand some of the chaos we have experienced over the past few years.’ Paddy Hannam, Spiked

‘A compelling memoir—at once pessimistic and amusing—of what it’s like to spend most of one’s life in an intellectual minority.’ Helen Dale, Law & Liberty

‘Ed West outlines excellently the intellectual and stylistic differences between Left and Right.’ Derek Turner, The University Bookman 

‘Ed West’s excellent new book… He is an immense writer; his arguments are buttressed with references to Burke and Sowell that succinctly summarize conservative opinion on issues that most would need a whole book to express.’ Charlie Peters, American Conservative

‘An amusing writer, Mr West eschews the ranting and whingeing that has become the hallmark of too many young conservatives.’ The Economist

‘West’s book stands as a penetrating conservative cultural critique worthy of a Daniel Bell or Christopher Lasch.’ Eric Kaufmann, Financial Times

‘Genuinely funny.’ Washington Examiner

‘Funny, insightful.’ City Journal

‘Highly entertaining . . . an enjoyable history of conservative thought,’ Will Heaven, Mail on Sunday 

‘Insightful, poignant and at times hilarious.’ Matthew Goodwin, Sunday Times

‘An entertaining, wide-ranging defence and explanation of the conservative way of seeing the world. . . West’s undoubtedly robust conservatism is nevertheless suffused with generosity and wit. Small Men is not only full of self-deprecating asides but is laugh-out-loud funny.’ Niall Gooch, Catholic Herald

‘An engaging, interesting, witty and even moving book’ – Ben Sixsmith

‘A self-deprecating and often hilarious memoir of a born conservative watching the world go wrong.’ Chris Snowdon, The Critic

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