What the world needs now – another opinion piece on the Middle East

I haven’t been as active as I’d like to be recently, but over the bank holiday weekend Liberal Conspiracy ran a Q and A with me on the immigration issue, which was good of them – obviously Sunny and myself are probably not going to agree on this subject, but it’s good to interact with the other side.

I wrote a blogpost for the Herald on the subject of minorities in the Middle East, because I really think there just aren’t enough opinion articles about the Middle East right now. The angle here is the Jews of the Middle East, a subject lots of people are unaware of, and which underpins my personal belief in the legitimacy of Israel. Actually, having written it, I realised that the true mark of a blogger is that they always bring back any subject, however tenuous, to their own favourite subject, and this seems to end up discussing diversity, so there you go.

On a similar subject I also wrote about the Hitlerballs being spoken on the subject of Syria – the totally daft comparisons being made between 2013 and 1938. That’s on the Spectator website. John Kerry has since spoken about “armchair isolationists”: that’s what I like about my armchair – the isolation!

I’m beginning to understand how war, more than any subject, can turn people into obsessives, bores, cranks and paranoids, and maybe Syria will be mine. Every time I tweet about it I seem to lose a follower.

Finally I’m on Yahoo News debating the issue of, yet again, immigration, which I always dread talking about on television because it’s depressing enough in print without having to be the bad guy in full colour, although some of the commenters below describe as “a stupid lefty” (ho ho). I haven’t watched it, as I can’t stand the sound of my voice or sight of my face, so I hope it went ok.

What do you think?