‘British values’ the new multiculturalism – Daily Express comment

In today’s paper: A genuinely liberal society does not actively “promote” any values, they stem from a shared culture and history which encourages compromise and moderation. It is only the stress of mass immigration and its mismanagement that has allowed the state to start imposing its views on its citizens including telling primary school children that they are offensively English. This is as un–British as it gets. The irony is that the hardline Islam being taught in Birmingham and the “British… Read on

Manners for men – a modern guide

From The Daily Express, July 21, 2014 Actress Gillian Anderson complained that men fail to help her when she’s struggling with the overhead locker on her twice-weekly flights. “I don’t ask for help but it’s amazing how people don’t even offer,” she told Glamour magazine. “Only three times in two months has any man offered help. It’s sad.” Are men selfish and useless or just confused? Perhaps it is time for a new rulebook of modern manners for gentlemen (and ladies). Here… Read on

Rising food prices are destroying our standard of living

From the Express, September 20, 2013 IT IS something we’ve all experienced in recent months when out shopping: anxiously staring at the checkout display as the price stacks up, reaching the kind of figure we used to only see on our pre-Christmas food shop. When did everything become so expensive? The good news is that no you’re not losing the plot because the bad news is that food prices really are increasing rapidly, up 32 per cent between… Read on

It’s not George Osborne’s fault that he resembles a jovial 18th-century baronet laughing at a peasant who’s fallen in mud

I have a piece in today’s Daily Express about rising food prices in Britain and across the world, and the social stability this has often caused in the past. This subject is especially poignant for me as my wife has forced me to go on a diet (the other day when she told my 4-year-old that ‘daddy can’t feed the baby because he doesn’t have boobies’, she replied: ‘daddy does have boobies, just no milk’). Anyway, so over… Read on

Daily Express comment: there is no hope for democracy in the Middle East

The Express, August 23, 2013 WHILE Egypt bleeds, Syria haemorrhages, with as many as 1,300 people killed in a government attack on Wednesday. Libya is still unstable, while even Tunisia, the country where the revolutions began, faces an uncertain future. When the first protests in the region began, following the self-immolation of market trader Mohamed Bouazizi in January 2011, who could have predicted that it would end like this? Well, pretty much everyone did, with the exception of most… Read on