Sunday Telegraph: Emma Watson’s HeforShe campaign is short of concrete proposals

From The Sunday Telegraph, September 28, 2014

Men, have you been on the internet yet to show your support for women? It’s the big thing among young people these days, and last week thousands of them were at it, after the Harry Potter actress Emma Watson made a speech to the UN encouraging chaps to get behind the HeForShe campaign, “a solidarity movement for gender equality”. All you have to do is take a photo of yourself looking handsome, chin raised to emphasise the masculine jawline, while holding up a supportive message scrawled on one of those cardboard placards only homeless people used to have.

This latest campaign illustrates how social media has turned many of us, and men in particular, into modern-day Pharisees: we display our moral worth like peacocks in full show, and it liberates us from the need to be kind to women.



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