As the world gets wealthier we just get more divided

Me, in today’s Evening Standard

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  1. al gore rhythms says

    I don’t think liberals in America really want to secede from the USA. Theirs is a univeralist creed, and a large part of the fun of holding high-status opinions is seeing them inflicted onto your inferiors. Otherwise, what’s the point?

    Hillary and co could hardly contain themselves with the thought that there are white Christians on the other side of the Bering Strait that don’t have gay marriage, and would probably have started a war with them if they could. So the thought that Americans in States next door had ushered in the horrors of gender-segregated bathrooms and reinstated real marriage would be too much for them.
    Why, after all, was ‘same sex marriage’ turned into a Supreme Court decision? Why could it not have been decided on a State-by-State basis? Because there’s no way the liberals in New York or California were going to see Christians in Alabama escape the feeling of having a boot on their neck, perhaps?

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