Evening Standard: Comforts of the West have let radicalism grow

In today’s paper:

In his recently published book Not in God’s Name the former Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks explained that Westerners, in their “effort to eliminate identity by abolishing groups altogether and instead enthroning the individual”, had created the perfect vacuum for the return of hardline religious identity.

Radical Islamism thrives in the absence of other identities, which is why it is especially prevalent among second-generation immigrants, who are more likely to feel alienated and torn between cultures. This alienation, which is reflected in statistics on mental illness among the children of migrants, is the flipside of what Salman Rushdie called the world of the “cultural mestizo” found in the arts; to the especially talented this provides the sort of confusion and nuance that might produce great novels or films but to others it brings great stress and confusion.

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