The Times: The Church can wail, but few are listening

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The bishops complaining about poverty were silent when Labour spent money we didn’t have

In yet another re-run of the 1980s, 27 Anglican bishops, together with Methodist and Quaker leaders, have signed a letter accusing the Government’s welfare reforms of causing malnutrition and creating a “national crisis”. This follows criticism by the Catholic Cardinal-elect Vincent Nichols, who last week called the growth of food banks under the coalition “a disgrace”.


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  1. John Dennis says

    In his book ‘The Invention of Permanent Poverty”  (2000) English sociologist Norman Dennis destroys all the erroneous arguments and false claims by British poverty lobbies and liberal Church leaders over the past quarter century.  The statistics clearly show that the ability of the least well paid in society today to put nutritious food on the table has never been easier or taken less effort.  It is a fact that in the UK it takes less work now ( in hours worked as well as physically) than ever before to be able to earn enough to buy bread, meat, fruit, eggs …you name it.  The church leaders are creating the perfect excuse for poorer members of society to feel sorry for themselves, blame others, and to give up on their personal responsibility for making their lives better.  

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