13 things we have learnt about Britain since the EU Referendum

At the Coffee House

A large gap between the elites and public is a really bad thing. I’m not of the opinion that the people are necessarily right and the elites wrong – I’m, I suppose, a member of the elite, albeit an obscure and unimportant one. But well-educated and sociable people are more susceptible to fashionable ideas, which are often idiotic (indeed idiotic ideas have many advantages over sensible ones). The gap on the critical, existential issue for Europe – immigration and diversity – is now enormous. As the song goes, there may be trouble ahead.

On the other hand, most British people are quite moderate, and veer away from the extremes. Likewise most aren’t especially hostile to immigrants; in fact post-Brexit British people have become more positive towards them. There was not a great surge in hatred and violence, despite the warnings, although undoubtedly many hostile individuals took it as a carte blanche to act on their worst impulses. Also, the 52 per cent did not vote for a ‘hard Brexit’, necessarily. So some sort of compromise is probably a good thing.

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