Blair isn’t a liar, he’s a genuine believer – which made him so dangerous

At the Spectator:

Blair got a lot of criticism for his religion while in office, ironicconsidering he has helped to destroy one of the oldest Christian communities on earth. But except in fundamentalists, faith is compartmentalised in most peoples’ minds; more influential is Christianity’s secular heresy, progressivism, whose believers have inherited the Christian traditions of equality, universalism, individualism, ensoulment (which probably informs the trans debate), free will and eschatology (‘the right side of history’), but without any of the doubt that is inherent in mainstream Christianity.

That’s truly faith-based politics, especially when believers seem convinced that, because their small corner of the world has largely embraced radical individualism, the rest of humanity must also because, you know, it’s the current year. I imagine this same happy worldview must also have informed Blair’s other great legacy, the mass immigration his government engineered from 2000, and which has, 16 years later, resulted in the Labour Party’s northern Götterdämmerung.

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