‘British values’ are a load of old codswallop

At the Spectator Coffee House

Sometimes a combination of news stories crop up that so perfectly sum up the spirit of the age, its absurdities and hypocrisies, that there ought to be a name for it. This week, for instance, I learned that the Home Office had barred three Iraqi and Syrian bishops from entering the country, the same department that quite merrily welcomes some of the most unpleasant hate preachers from the Islamic world. Elsewhere, there was also a report about racial and religious segregation in schools and the need to teach something called ‘British values’ to children to help them integrate. And finally, the winner of the country’s most prestigious art award was announced, beating competition from the other shortlisted works, which included a gigantic anus.

Well, looking at that, I don’t think we’ll have any trouble impressing ‘British values’ on alienated young second generation immigrants from conservative, religious home cultures who find themselves rootless in a confusing, uncertain world.

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