Star Wars is the perfect analogy for the decline of America

From Spectator Coffee House

Other great examples of Ottomanism include Hamilton and the Harry Potter series; Ottomanism is not unhappy with other non-progressive ideas, such as hierarchy or inequality. Women must be empowered but then individual women were often very powerful in the least liberal of societies, such as the Ottoman Empire. What defines Ottomanism is what it is against – ethnic nationalism.

I can see the Star Wars series increasingly becoming an analogy for the decline of the United States, and its unbridgeable divide between globalists and nationalists; there’s obviously going to be some sort of Trump-like villain in Episode VIII. Star Wars is pretty simplistic, but it’s dangerous to present events in such black and white terms; if the American republic as we know it falls, as doesn’t seem that impossible after this year, most likely both sides will see themselves as trying to save it.

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