Why are so few big business leaders for remain?

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What worries me, as an outer, is that we’re seeing a repeat of the Scottish referendum, where company bosses were scared to reveal their opinions for fear of economic boycotts or other social penalties, amid a general atmosphere of nastiness. Personally I’m against companies getting explicitly involved in political movements, largely because they tend to support gormlessly right-on causes that distract from their ruthless practices; but it’s healthy and right that business leaders give their opinion on an important issue without fear of economic or social reprisals. That shouldn’t affect our behavior any more than a friend or loved one being on the other side of this debate.

So long as everyone declares their interest, of course; in the next few months we’ll see a lot of people from education, the charity sector and the quangocracy speaking up in favour of membership who are, in fact, on the EU’s payroll. It’s another way that Brussels incentivises corruption.

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