Germany is facing a ticking time bomb of rage

Spectator Coffee House In fact, Merkel’s policies have some pretty serious implications for Germany in the future. I’ve read many people arguing that it was actually a clever, shrewd policy to admit one million migrants because Germany has a low birth rate and needs more people. Yet the education levels and skill sets of most of the people who have entered in the past 18 months are, by German standards, extremely low; Germany has a fairly high-wage… Read on

How Christianity helped cause mass migration in Europe

At Lapido Media IN 1954 German Lutheran theologian Horst Kasner brought his wife and three young children across the Iron Curtain to take up a role in a new parish. Nothing unusual in that – 200,000 Germans headed from East to West Germany that year – except that Mr Kasner was heading in the other direction. They settled north of Berlin, where the churchman and his wife raised their children in a former seminary. It was in this… Read on

Would the migrant crisis have happened without the EU?

At the Spectator blogs: Likewise EU migrant policy is a disaster because it is only as strong as its weakest states; free movement within the union would work fine only so long as the external border was strong, and only so long as the Union had one common authority that chose who got to live here. It’s like a group of flats that knock down their internal partitions to create a house share, only for one member to hold the… Read on

Perhaps, Chancellor Merkel, it is your side who are the new Communists?

Capitalism is the new Communism, I like to say. Chancellor Angela Merkel has issued a new warning to central Europeans who might not fully appreciate that diversity is inevitable, comparing them to the Communists who once locked their citizens in. “The eastern Europeans – and I’m counting myself as an eastern European – we have experienced that isolation doesn’t help. “It makes me a bit sad that precisely those who can consider themselves lucky that they have lived… Read on