If Trump wins, Europeans will have to grow up

At the Spectator I admit to having a rather sentimental view of America’s role in Europe, being part of that generation who grew up playing out the Second World War in our bedrooms; I remember, aged 8, visiting Berlin and being aware that it was the US soldiers there who stood between us and this hideous political system. That the Americans may wish to withdraw that support, just as Russia has become aggressive again, is frightening in a… Read on

Does size matter for US presidential candidates?

At the Spectator blogs I don’t know whether men blessed with enormous manhoods are more likely to make effective leaders; social scientists probably lack the necessary data to draw any correlations between length and girth, and things like GDP per capita or the underlying rate of inflation. A few newspaper articles recently suggested that Hitler had a micropenis, but for all we know he may have been an outlier. Based on my own prejudices, I would imagine that men with… Read on

Our revolting new elites

From The Catholic Herald print edition, February 26, 2016 When I joined the Catholic Herald in September 2007, the American media were starting to talk up a junior senator from Illinois with a confusingly foreign name. This Barack Obama was going to heal America’s wounds and bring us a post-racial future, or at least that’s what I recall Radio 4 telling me. Now, in 2016, no one talks of hope and change any more. This year’s US presidential… Read on

Why Putin keeps winning the ideological war

From the Spectator Coffee House It’s more plausible that Russian hackers helped the Republican party win last month’s election, but Russia’s influence would be minimal without the tacit support or sympathy of one US party. That in itself is surely a warning light, since outside forces are only able to interfere in critically divided political systems; look at the poor Syrians for an extreme example. Hostile foreign intervention just would not have been possible in the post-war period,… Read on