Blair isn’t a liar, he’s a genuine believer – which made him so dangerous

At the Spectator: Blair got a lot of criticism for his religion while in office, ironicconsidering he has helped to destroy one of the oldest Christian communities on earth. But except in fundamentalists, faith is compartmentalised in most peoples’ minds; more influential is Christianity’s secular heresy, progressivism, whose believers have inherited the Christian traditions of equality, universalism, individualism, ensoulment (which probably informs the trans debate), free will and eschatology (‘the right side of history’), but without any of… Read on

‘I had never been in prison in Iraq’: Iraqi Christian refugees in Britain

This is a longer version of an article that appeared in The Spectator in February 2013 It was after his second death threat that Wissam Shamouy decided to leave home. An Assyrian Orthodox Christian from Bakhdida in Iraq’s highly volatile Nineveh province, the 25-year-old was working part-time in a church-run internet café, while studying at engineering college, when he was told of what awaited him. “I got some messages, they told me I was going to be killed because of… Read on

Il “miracolo” di p. Ragheed Ganni, esempio e guida per la vita di mio figlio

Asia News has a translation of an article I wrote last December about Fr Ragheed Ganni, the martyred Iraqi priest, whose anniversary falls on June 3, and who wrote for the Catholic site before his murder. Ragheed is one of my son’s middle names, in tribute to an inspiring man.

Britain must help Christians in peril in the Middle East

This week’s issue of the Spectator is very important and worth buying – i.e. I’m in it, arguing that Britain should take action to alleviate the suffering of Iraq’s Christians, if necessary by offering sanctuary. I met with three Iraqis who have been refused asylum in this country, all of whom had been threatened by Islamists back home. One had lost his shop to jihadi violence, another a brother. The Home Office wants to deport them back… Read on