Don’t blame Margaret Thatcher for Britain being selfish: blame your hippy parents

Projection is a powerful thing in politics, which is why many people who claim to be opposed to hatred, bigotry and demonisation are guilty of precisely those things. Lady Thatcher’s death has brought some of that out with street parties, the revellers joining Gerry Adams and George Galloway in applauding her death (the ultimate projection being Galloway accusing Thatcher of being a friend to dictators). What’s striking is that the party animals are clearly too young to remember her rule;… Read on

Conservatism cannot win in economics while it remains totally beaten in the cultural sphere

“Today we bury a great leader”, I told my four-year-old this morning (is it too early to indoctrinate my children? She’ll soon be at an age where, if my schooling was anything to go, she’ll learn all about the peaceful Native Americans, and I’ll have to show her a chart explaining that hunter-gatherer societies all have absurdly high homicide rates, but that’s for another time). It’s worth telling the children, because very soon they’ll all be instructed into the narrative… Read on